Vegetation Management
What is Industrial Vegetation Management?

Industrial vegetation management means selectively removing unwanted vegetation and promoting the growth of desirable vegetation to maintain safe clearance for power lines and pipelines. 

Notice, it does not mean clearing away all flora. Certain vegetation that grows only to a manageable height can help inhibit the growth of taller or harder-to-control vegetation including invasive species.

Why is Industrial Vegetation Management so Important?

Industrial Vegetation Management helps keep the infrastructure of our cities and states running. All of our utility lines and pipes run over distances where the land and living things constantly change. Without management, critical utilities would be damaged or destroyed by everything from weeds to storms.

Overgrown vegetation is the most common cause of transmission malfunction and power disruption. Tree branches near power lines can arc and cause fires. Loss of utility service can threaten people's lives and livelihoods, besides harming the reputation of the provider.

What Tools and Tactics are Involved with Industrial Vegetation Management?

Vegetation can be controlled manually, by mowing, pruning shrubs, and removing trees, or by chemical means. Carefully chosen and formulated herbicide blends can remove only the unwanted plant species and not the desired ones. They can, for example, attack invasive species while leaving native ones.

How IVM Professionals Identify Potential Hazards

Industrial vegetation management companies work with utility providers departments of transportation, and municipalities to develop long term vegetation management plans. They schedule regular inspections to monitor growth and anticipate changing needs with the seasons and the passage of time. They proactively schedule pruning and herbicide application, while also responding to more urgent matters as needed.

Townsend Vegetation Management Services

Through its wide array of companies and affiliates, The Townsend Company, LLC, can provide a wide array of vegetation management solutions for utility and municipal clients. Contact us to learn how to best manage your industrial vegetation projects. 


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