Pipeline Right of Way Clearance
Townsend and its family of companies are a trusted partner for Right of Way Clearance. Our experience includes line and right-of-way clearance for electrical utility companies, power transmission companies, gas transmission, and pipeline companies alike.

Through our company Row-Care LLC, we are able to provide focused right-of-way clearance solutions for gas and liquid pipeline companies, in addition to a wide array of services for various other types of utility companies.

A Cleared Row of Power LinesEquipment That's Tailored to Your Needs


No pipeline right-of-way clearance job is the same, but we have the equipment necessary to fit every kind of job.    For most situations, mowers and bush hogs are our chosen tools. But in the event that the right-of-way is heavily overgrown, we have remote trimmers and other heavier equipment to effectively clear vegetation like bushes and trees that may be blocking the way. No matter the severity of growth, our team is ready clear the way.

Some areas require the use of pressure-sensitive equipment. Our team receives extensive training to identify areas where this is needed, avoiding damage and giving us the ability to deliver better vegetation management solutions.

Who Oversees ROW Clearance Compliance?

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is the division of U.S. DOT that works to ensure the safe, reliable, and environmentally sound operations of pipelines that carry energy and potentially hazardous materials. Let’s look at who is responsible for which aspects of ROW maintenance and vegetation management.

The Importance of Pipeline Right of Way Clearance

Right of way clearance is essential to keeping natural gas pipelines in safe, working order. Natural gas pipelines that are overgrown with vegetation create trouble for utility company workers who need access to the area for routine maintenance and inspections. The Department of Transportation has strict regulations in place regarding rights of way and failure to comply can lead to hefty fines for utility companies. Townsend’s daughter company, Row Care LLC, is tenured in providing effective right of way clearance strategies to companies across the nation. We will work with your team to devise a plan that will keep your natural gas pipeline safe and keep you in compliance.

Tree Removal for Your Pipeline Right of Way

Trees, large shrubs and woody-stemmed plants pose the biggest threat to the safety of your pipeline. As roots continue to grow, pipeline damage and ruptures become more likely. Additionally, heavy vegetation makes aerial inspections and federally mandated routine maintenance nearly impossible for workers. For the safety of your right of way, having a vegetation management plan in place that includes tree removal is essential to prevent pipeline damage.

The Benefits of Pipeline Right of Way Clearance


Insufficient pipeline right-of-way clearance can lead to safety risks to both land and personnel. A properly maintained pipeline right-of-way improves the ability of workers to access points of entry for maintenance, inspection, and emergency services. This means more accurate line inspections and quicker response times in times of need, all while adherance to DOT standards.  

In addition to promoting safety and ease of accessibility to workers, right-of-way clearance ensures your land looks maintained and well-kept. 

Why Row-Care


A job trusted to Row Care is a job done right. Working with Row Care on your right-of-way clearance objective means you can expect:

  • Industry best practices, particularly related to safety
  • Customized herbicide application programs to fit the needs of your land
  • Trained and professional staff certified to work on your pipeline
  • Extensive equipment capabilities adapted to your needs  

As a division of Townsend Tree, we hold our staff to the highest standards of safety, quality, and excellence.

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