Townsend understands the need for utilities to comply with the latest NERC Reliability Standards, and our field managers work with clients to offer the optimum solutions to meet your needs. We provide the best in vegetation management with the use of modern integrated vegetation management techniques. Townsend Tree Service provides mechanical trimming and application services that best suit the client strategy.


Row-Care is a leading provider of right-of-way clearance and maintenance services to the pipeline industry. Our extensive equipment and resources provide the best in pipeline clearing, maintenance and growth control.

State & Local Agencies and Departments of Transportation

With the use of modern Vegetation Management techniques and advanced herbicides that target invasive species, Townsend provides the best in habitat management. Along with our research partners, Townsend helps redefine right of way stewardship, producing benefits like improved motorist safety, better service crew access, lower maintenance costs, improved drainage and enhanced aesthetics. Townsend understands that public sector work requires innovative solutions on a tight budget, and we can implement a flexible plan to meet your requirements.


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