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Chemical Truck Spraying a RoadsideTownsend is the industry leader in providing Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) solutions to a variety of industries across the United States. We provide full-service herbicide applications for utility line clearance right of way, roadside clearance, and industrial locations. 
Our quality herbicides are backed by an extensive staff of licensed applicators and a comprehensive fleet of innovative equipment to ensure successful application.

No matter what your reason is for vegetation management, Townsend’s team of professionals will ensure your corporate goals are achieved.

The Benefits of Right of Way (ROW) Herbicide Treatment


Right of way herbicide applications have a variety of benefits that range from functionality to pure aesthetics. Our herbicide treatment options are designed to improve motorist safety, create better service crew access, improve drainage and contribute to a visually appealing space.
Our comprehensive growth and weed control programs are designed to help lower your overall maintenance costs. 

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Roadside & Utility Right of Way Line Clearance


Roadside and utility line clearance promotes motorist visibility and helps clear the way for utility crews. Common applications include:

  • Invasive or Noxious weed and brush control
  • Selective or nonselective vegetation treatments
  • Off-road specialty applications
  • Guardrail, delineators, signposts treatments
  • Dormant stem application
  • Plant growth regulators
  • Tree & Brush removal
  • Ditch bank application
  • Pavement underlay treatment
  • Fence lines and Bridge abutments


Utility & Industrial Bare Ground

Utility and industrial bare ground herbicide application is means for contributing to overall vegetation control for a variety of applications. Some of these areas include:
  • Substations and power plants
  • Refineries, tank farms, rail yards
  • Cell towers
  • Metering and compressor stations
  • Equipment yards and fence rows
  • Pavement underlay
  • Airports runways and lights
  • Pole yards

Comprehensive Weed Control & Growth Regulator Programs from Townsend

Designed to treat and maintain weeds, Townsend Tree Service provides extensive capabilities and expertise for your company’s weed control needs. Our programs utilize licensed, professional applicators to fit the unique needs of your business:
  • Site-specific herbicide blends
  • Computer controlled precision application equipment
  • Multi-year programs with guaranteed results
  • Turn-key operations with GPS mapping

Our Herbicide Manufacturing Partners

BASF Chemical logo Dow Agro SciencesBayer Crop Logo 
Townsend works in full collaboration with the industry’s leading herbicide manufacturing companies to help redefine right of way environmental stewardship. Through partnerships with the industry leaders, we can provide solutions that are not only cost effective but also environmentally responsible. Learn more about our herbicide product partners below.

Herbicide Product Partners​

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