Safety at Townsend

So how does a company create a safety culture when its employees deal with and perform many dangerous jobs? The answer... aggressively pursuing multiple strategies to assure excellence in safety including:

  • Daily and weekly communications to all employees on safety issues
  • A zero tolerance policy on activities such as drug abuse, driving records and employee documentation
  • Positive reinforcement of proper safety behavior that include incentives and awards
  • Weekly management conferences on safety issues
  • Dedicated safety training professionals supporting ongoing education for new and current employees
  • Regular meetings with clients to review performance, issues and performance metrics

Townsend Corporation is committed to improving safety from on-site to in-house operations. This commitment emanates from the highest levels of corporate management and resounds throughout the entire organization. Our focus on safety is a never ending obligation to our customers and employees!

Safe Drivers Program

Distracted driving is a nation-wide problem that can have life-changing ramifications. At Townsend, we have a responsibility to keep ourselves and the public safe, both on and off the job site. In our continued commitment to make safety our number one priority, we are expanding our safety programs this year to include an updated driver policy with a specific focus on distracted driving. Learn more about what we’re doing to help make the roads a little safer for everyone.

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