Pipeline Right of Way Clearance
Why Choose Townsend as Your Right of Way Maintenance Company

Maintaining clear, safe rights of way (ROW) is a key responsibility of electrical utility companies, power transmission companies, gas transmission companies, and pipeline companies.


A properly maintained right of way allows workers to access points of entry for maintenance, inspection, and emergency services. This means more accurate line inspections and quicker response times in times of need. 


Maintaining a right of way also contributes to reliability of service and public safety. It helps minimize interference by vegetation and other natural factors. Lack of maintenance, or maintenance conducted improperly, creates safety risks to land, personnel, equipment and the public.


In addition to the practical benefits, right-of-way clearance keeps your land looking well-kept and professional.

Pipeline Right of Way Maintenance

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), a division of U.S. DOT, works to ensure the safe, reliable, and environmentally sound operations of pipelines that carry energy and potentially hazardous materials. They have strict regulations regarding rights of way and failure to comply can lead to hefty fines for utility companies.


Trees, large shrubs and woody plants pose the biggest threat to pipelines. Soil surrounding most buried pipelines is less compact, so tree roots grow with less restriction. While roots grow and rupture pipelines, above-ground vegetation can restrict access. Heavy vegetation makes aerial inspections and federally mandated routine maintenance nearly impossible for workers. 

For the safety of your right of way, implement a plan that includes tree pruning or removal and vegetation control through mechanical or chemical means. Pipelines also need regular inspections — every 3-12 months for a natural gas pipeline and as frequently as every 21 days for a hazardous liquids pipeline.

Power Line Right of Way Maintenance

Power companies must maintain power lines, transmission boxes and other equipment along rights-of-way or easements. They need safe access to these key elements of their service grid. Utility companies are liable for accidents, outages and maintenance issues when power lines and equipment are not adequately maintained. 


Trees and other vegetation grow continuously, plus they can fall or lose branches due to disease, insects or old age. An arborist is required to keep up with and predict the growth. Utilities typically contract with a vegetation management company for inspections, pruning, removals and herbicide applications. Emergency response may also be required following storms or high winds.

Professional arborists can develop a utility vegetation management plan for power companies to monitor rights of way for potential problems and recommend when to take action.
Why Choose Townsend

Each type of utility company that relies on right of way maintenance, be it an electrical utility, gas or other pipeline company, has its own requirements. Federal, state and local laws may all determine potential consequences of the failure to maintain a right of way correctly. In addition, public scrutiny and penalties have increased in recent years due to certain high-profile widespread outages and fires.


At Townsend, we have the equipment and experience necessary to handle every kind of job. We hold ourselves, including our subsidiary company RowCare LLC, to the strictest standards for quality and safety.

When you choose Townsend as your right of way maintenance company, you benefit from:

  • 75 years in business
  • Workforce in 30 states
  • Extensive equipment resources
  • Experienced, highly trained personnel
  • Unwavering dedication to safety

To discuss your right of way maintenance needs, contact Townsend Tree today

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