Vegetation Management
Herbicide Treatment

Vegetation Management methods include tree trimming, as described above, and herbicide spraying and treatments as well. Herbicides can be used to either eliminate undesirable plant species or to inhibit the growth of existing vegetation.

Quite simply, mowing or cutting vegetation usually results in that same vegetation growing back, usually with a higher stem count and in a more robust manner. The use of herbicides in coordination with mowing or tree trimming helps eliminate invasive species and weeds, thereby enabling the untreated vegetation to grow back in its place.

A coordinated approach referred to as Integrated Vegetation Management is used by many companies to not only manage their right-of-ways but to even enhance the environment and aesthetic beauty of the ROW be eliminating unwanted vegetation and returning the environment to natural grasses and wildflowers. The result can often be a well-maintained right-of-way that becomes a robust habitat for natural wildlife.

Herbicide products work into the stems and leaves of targeted plants and stop the growth and any re-sprouting that may occur. These highly specialized herbicides block the chemicals found in plants that are required by the plant to grow, and when applied properly are safe for use near fish, birds, animals and humans.

  • Herbicide application is a tested, approved, and environmentally safe way to control unwanted growth around power lines and other critical infrastructures.
  • Application crews are licensed and carefully trained to only target the desired part of the brush that needs to be treated.
  • Herbicide is used for its reliability and efficiency; after a well-coordinated herbicide application program some treated areas may not need any additional control for years to come.
  • Herbicides are approved and regulated by the EPA. Many herbicides are selective, meaning that they control certain species while not harming others. Non-selective herbicides may be used to clear large tracts of land from all vegetation, such as areas around substations or power plants.

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