Townsend Receives Safety Awards From The Tree Care Industry Association

Published on 02/14/2014

Townsend Corporation is proud to announce that two of its business units, Townsend Tree Service and NG Gilbert, have been awarded 2013 Safety Awards from the Tree Care Industry Association. The Annual Safety Awards recognize outstanding company contributions and commendable actions by their employees.

Townsend Tree Service won a Safety Award for the crew working in New Berlin, NC. Due to their heroic actions and attentiveness, a woman suffering from heat exhaustion was brought to safety, given water, taken care of until she was feeling better and able to get home to her family and friends.  A big thank you to Angelo Williams, Brian Holden, and Patrick (Black) Daniels for your commitment to safety and going above and beyond the call of duty to help someone in need.

The NG Gilbert crew of Clinton Bozarth, Mike Leonard, Dustin Hinman, and Robert Hilliard received a Safety Award for coming to the rescue of 6 young girls who were injured in an ATV accident near the crew’s job site in Southern Illinois. After witnessing the ATV going by at a high rate of speed, they soon heard a crash. The men fled to the scene and found the ATV turned over and on top of a 6 year old girl. Inside and trapped were 5 other girls. Without hesitation, the men lifted the ATV off the young girl and gave assistance to the other girls as well. We commend this NG Gilbert crew for their unsurpassed professionalism and responsiveness.

Thank you to TCIA for this honor and even more so to our employees and their commitment to SAFETY.