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Utility Line Clearance and Line Construction Solutions

Since 1939, NG Gilbert Services has performed utility line clearance, line construction, rebuilds, upgrades, and maintenance services for utility companies throughout the U.S.

Experience, Safety, Reliability and Performance

Using a mix of tree pruning and tree removal, utility line clearance eliminates interference with power lines. Line clearance benefits both electric power companies and their customers by reducing power outages. Line construction and maintenance services help further maintain the electric infrastructure.

Why Choose NG Gilbert Services for Your Next Utility Line Clearance or Construction Project?

Whether working to restore power after a major storm, reconductoring a distribution line or removing hazard trees from a right-of-way, NG Gilbert Services crews deliver quality, expertise and commitment to safety for its utility clients.

For more than 80 years, utility companies have trusted us to rebuild infrastructures across the nation. Our expertise spans:

  • Vegetation management and removal
  • Construction and rebuild of distribution and transmission lines
  • Distribution and transmission line management
  • Storm restoration

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